Clorofilla has been designed to give support to the modern mobility.

Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly widespread to use either muscle or electrically assisted bicycles.
More and more people are having the need of avoiding cars in whole or in part.

We imagined a shape that would recall a tree where each branch has its own technical purpose.

We were looking for a name that was synonymous with life and energy.

Of course, Clorofilla doesn’t replace the well-equipped shop floor of your trusted mechanic,
but we would like you to find it on your route if you need to recharge your e-bike, or if you need to fix a mechanical problem.

Clorofilla is entirely manufactured in Italy and,
as we are a small artisanal company,
we rely on the quality of the products.









Your bicyle is always neat

Hang your bike by the saddle on one of the two rubber pipes, pull the tool you need towards you…
When you finished fixing your bicycle you can easily take it back to its retracted position.