Bicycle assistance and recharge workstand

Clorofilla is equipped with every useful tool for any bicycle and e-bike emergency maintenance. It is suitable along bicycle lanes, hotels, holiday farms, mountain paths or as urban equipment.

Clorofilla comes from an idea of Lorenzo and Bruno Buratti, owners of the company Buratti Meccanica S.r.l.

Buratti Meccanica S.r.l. is a small artisanal company which entirely manufactures Clorofilla in Italy!

Your bicyle is always neat

Hang your bike by the saddle on one of the two rubber pipes, pull the tool you need towards you…
When you finished fixing your bicycle you can easily take it back to its retracted position.

A support to the modern mobility

The shape of Clorofilla recalls a tree.
Its name is synonymous with life and energy, and each branch has its own technical purpose.


Bike Repair & Charge

Nowadays more and more people are having the need
of avoiding cars in whole or in part.

Do you agree? #reFILLyou!